Our Purpose

“We make wholesome food, because good health is formed in childhood” 

What grogro Stands for


We make balanced meals, using the finest organic ingredients, cold-pressed to preserve freshness and hence goodness. Crafted by nutritionists, with love!


We strive to stay true to our purpose in every decision we make. Saying what we do and doing what we say is incredibly important to us. We are conscious of the impact our company has on the community and the planet.


We believe children deserve to enjoy their first foods, so we make food that is super tasty - not only for babies but grown-ups too! We believe meal time is an amazing opportunity for bringing the family together. Never a chore!


We support parents on their journey of parenthood by providing information and inspiration on everything related to food for their little ones. We trust parents and would like to help them grow in self confidence.


The foods that children consume in the first two years of life lay the foundations of development for a lifetime.

In this early phase, children need nutrient-dense food as they have little tummies and grow so rapidly. There is no room for empty calories!

grogro is naturally packed with minerals, vitamins and high-quality fatty acids to support young children’s development. We do not use unnecessary ingredients such as fruit juice concentrate. Our products are developed by nutritionists and are rooted in science, always putting the health of children first.

grogro is kept fresh for longer by using cold pressure instead of the most commonly used method of heat pasteurisation. You will find grogro in the chilled section of the store unlike most baby food products which are kept at room temperature. grogro offers the freshest alternative to home made food.


Our internal core values are: growth, performance, excellence and integrity. These underpin our strategic choices and everyday ways of working.

We strive to build an organisation that is diverse and inclusive. Currently, our team comprises three mums and business women with diverse professional and ethnic backgrounds. As we grow the team, we will endeavour to continue adding to diversity with regards to gender and culture.

We aspire to develop a workplace that encourages playing big, nurtures growth, offers possibilities and is fun and balanced.


We are committed to contributing to the achievement of two of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the UN 2030 Agenda:


We have kicked off an internal process to develop guidelines and respective targets by end-2020. Watch this space! 

What Parents Say

CathrineLead Designer and Mum to David

It took weeks before David started enjoying solids, but he reached out for the Sunny Smoothie from [grogro] after the first try. I wasn't surprised, because it tastes really good!

SophiaCountry Sales Manager and Mum to Iris, Victor and Ralph

My goal is to always cook my own baby food, but now I have a really good alternative that I can offer without a bad conscience. [grogro] products are full of nutrient-dense ingredients and most importantly, my kids love them!

HegeLead Designer and mum to Theo and Kaja

It's stressful with two children under 2.5. I'm very happy there is now a good organic alternative to homemade food. Children deserve tasty, healthy food where you can actually taste the ingredients inside. I don't always have time to cook, so [grogro] is the perfect solution for us!

Hanne-LeneAnalyst, Writer, Vegetarian Enthusiast and Mum to Tage and Olav

Olav loved [grogro] from the first spoon. I am happy he loves something that is good for both his little body and his taste buds.

KarinSpecialist Nurse and Mum to Oskar and Kajsa

In a stressful everyday life, it's fantastic to have a solution that I can be sure is healthy and nutritious. My daughter loved [grogro] and just wanted more, it couldn't be any better!

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